Serpac srl, is a company specializing in the supply of:
- packaging for the transport of dangerous goods, such as UN approved fibreboard bxes 4G / - 4GV - 4GU, UN approved plywood boxes 4DV,
- hazard labels, marks, plates / panels for container,
- instructions in writing according to ADR 2015,
- Shipper's Declaration, Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form, IMO Declaration,
etc. .......

Our starting point is the reference regulations (by road ADR, by rail RID, by inland waterway ADN, by sea IMDG, by air ICAO / IATA)
and the respect of quality in the supply of packaging for dangerous goods..

We have a range of products available in stock including fibreboard boxes approved UN 4G and 4GV, plywood boxes approved UN 4DV, boxes for UN3373 (Biological Substance , Category B) with secondary packaging leakproof 95 kPa, UN approved boxes 4GU/Class 6.2 for shipping UN2814 / UN2900 (infectious substances) , boxes for refrigerated transport ( UN1845 dry ice ) , Boxes for transport as overpack, boxes for trasport of dangerous goods in Limited Quantity according to chapter 3.4 ADR/RID/ADN/IMDG, hazard labels / labels for package, Hazard plates / panels for container and vehicles , Pennants orange, labels "R " for hazardous waste , various documents including shipper 's declaration , Multimodal dangerous goods form, imo declaration , instructions in writing according to ADR 2015 ( Tremcards ) , folding shovel according to ADR and in general packaging for dangerous goods and overpack . We support our clients to achieve UN certification for packaging from the local authorities.
Each label , box, document corresponds perfectly to what is prescribed by the relevant regulations (ADR , RID , ADN , IMDG , ICAO / IATA).

Were included labels ADR 2013 for the transport in limited quantities according to Chapter 3.4 of the ADR, RID, IMDG Regulations, the training video courses on UN approved packaging 4G and 4GV and 3D animations.

Serpac is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIQUALITY n . 17284.

Serpac does not assume the role of ADR consultant (DGSA / Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) with reference to Legislative Decree 35/2010 (Directive 96/35/EC).

In the pages of this website you can find more products related to dangerous goods, including vermiculite, polystyrene chips, adhesive tapes, fibreboard pallets , dispenser for hazard labels in roll, and services including support for 24-24h for your shipments of dangerous goods, assistance on your shipper 's declaration as required by some State and Operator Variation of dangerous goods Regulations
You can find some pages that can be useful for: labeling and marking packages (by road ADR, by rail RID, by inland waterway ADN, by sea IMDG, by air ICAO / IATA) , placarding sea containers , orange placard , combination packaging , single packaging , label for overpack, correct stacking on pallets of UN approved packaging, positioning on pallets.

For further information or clarification, please contact us at 02 21 87 15 85 / 02 45 50 64 56

Serpac does not perform laboratory tests that determine the toxicity , corrosivity, the flashpoint , the boiling point , the vapor pressure and the pH of various hazardous substances and / or preparations.
We aren’t specialized in: Tremcards ( Transport Emergency Card), safety data sheets in 16 points (MSDS), large overpack, wooden boxes, wooden crates, laboratory analysis.


UN certified fibreboard boxes 4G
UN certified fibreboard boxes 4GV
UN certified plywood boxes 4D
UN certified plywood boxes 4DV
hazard labels ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, ICAO, IATA (adhesive labels)
Placard for container ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, ICAO,
boxes for transport of dangerous goods in Limited Quantity according to chapter 3.4 ADR/RID/ADN/IMDG
boxes as overpack

Serpac is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIQUALITY n. 17284