Application UN3373
Biological substance, category B
Transport by road ADR / by air IATA

Languages: English and Italian
Internet connection: it’s not required

UN3373 is an application that, through guided steps, will allow you to prepare your shipment of UN3373 - BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE, CATEGORY B in accordance with the requirements of ADR Regulations (by road) and ICAO/IATA Regulations (by air).
An example of UN3373 are samples of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transported to be tested.
It can be used everywhere and anytime.

It provides information about shipment of:
- UN3373 shipped without refrigerant;
- UN3373 shipped whit dry ice (UN1845 - DRY ICE);
- UN3373 shipped with any refrigerant other than liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

This app provides a reliable and complete guide on the procedures for packing, labelling and marking the package, fill in all required documents and define the maximum quantities permitted by the Regulations of the mode of transport you want to use.

In details this app will help you:
- choose the correct packagings;
- mark and label packages with markings and labels required;
(the app shows an example of a package ready to be shipped);
- fill in all documents (ADR Transport Document, Shipper’s Declaration and AWB);
- identify the maximum quantities per inner and outer packagings permitted.